Market Fresh Bistro is the brainchild of Chef Justin Pardo, David Magenheim, & Olivia Coletti. It is located in a small sized restaurant with a quaint European style courtyard in Makawao Hawaii. This open-kitchen & alfresco layout has been the perfect stage for chef Justin to prepare & display his delicious recipes using only the finest ingredients, most of which are found within the Hawaiian isles.

Chef Justin has been practicing this Farmer’s market style of cooking since his the early days of his career in New York City. He was fortunate to be part of Union Square Café; which happens to be steps away from one of the most amazing farmers markets in New York; where Justin would create daily specials based on his findings there. Fast forward twenty years and Chef Justin is applying these methods to his own Bistro on Maui. It’s no surprise that Chef Justin decided to live in a place where the quality of local produce, fish, beef, & lamb is unmatched. To say his is excited to share his food is an understatement. His passion & expertise is clear to anyone who speaks to chef Justin about his craft.

David Magenheim is MFB’s very own wine specialist who focuses on creating affordable Old World wine lists to match Chef Justin’s seasonal menus. David has been studying, pairing and selling wine for over ten years. David’s thirst for wine knowledge started in a little retail shop in New York City’s Greenwich Village where he was often happily bombarded with wine and food pairing questions thus honing his customer skills and extensive knowledge of the wineries and wine makers.

Olivia Coletti is Market Fresh Bistro Culinary Cupid. She is Chef’s sister & David’s long time mate…which is how Chef & David started collaborating. Working with the magazines, hotels & websites, she is always making sure that Market Fresh Bistro is on the minds of anyone looking for a great place to eat on Maui.