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The philosophy of Market Fresh Bistro is Global influence… Local ingredients. Quality of ingredients, fair pricing and support from our neighborhood and travel community are what is important to our business. At Market Fresh Bistro, we believe that eating well should not only be on a special occasion. We incorporate great food and wine into a weekly routine. Whether our guests come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we provide a complete dining experience with prices that encourage return visits. This practice is not a trend for us, but rather a way of strengthening the economy of our island. Market Fresh Bistro is striving to be the global platform, showcasing Hawaii’s finest produce and products. Although the slow food style of our restaurant is European, what makes it Hawaiʻian are our ingredients and Aloha Spirit.

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Next to Hot Island Glass and Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao

Phone: 808-572-4877
3620 Baldwin Ave.
Makawao, HI 96768